Sound Design

SLICK SOUNDS is known for it’s award winning Sound Design. We also excel at every sound service your project could possibly need.

what is sound design?

Sound Design is an art that supports and compliments picture. Sound Designers are storytellers that help to tell your story by combining a world of sounds from our custom recordings and 100’s of stock sound libraries to create a soundscape that has an introduction, a body, and an ending, while detailing the sounds of real life, punching up action scenes, and enhancing emotional reactions.

Sound Design is an outgrowth of sound editing and foley but it is so much more. Sound Editing involves the sequencing of library sound effects. It is a highly skilled craft that makes finding the perfect sound from hundred’s of thousands of archived sounds seem easy. Foley adds the sound of real life; the movement of hands and feet, the handling of props including picking them up and putting them down. Foley is too varied and complex to find in a sound library. 

Visual effects have made one type of sound design more obvious. When you see a bullet travel in slow motion you know that it is not real and yet it’s entertaining. You can’t put a mic up and record it because the picture is computer generated so the sound of it becomes the work of the sound designer. Sound Design can be bombastic as character driven vehicles, weapons, or voices. It can also be incredibly subtle and even unconscious like the way the background sound of a room makes you feel comfortable or uncomfortable (depending on the story).

Sound Design works on many levels engaging and impacting the viewer aurally.